Lessons Learned from Apple’s DRM Protection Software

Many video-streaming services have been trying various strategies to protect content and prevent users from illegally downloading and sharing videos. Apple has created their own DRM (digital rights management) solution to try to protect their video content called FairPlay. Unfortunately for Apple, users have figured out how to remove FairPlay putting all of Apple’s video content at risk.

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5 Tips to Improve Sales Training for B2B Sales Reps

Much of a company’s success relies on the performance of its sales reps. Training B2B sales reps helps improve productivity and leads  to more closed deals. To help sales reps retain more information from training sessions and improve  overall performance, here are some helpful tips:

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How to Keep Sales Proposals Out of Competitor Hands

When a prospect shows interest in a company and asks for a proposal, it’s an exciting time for the company. A possible sale for the company means another customer and more money to help the business continue to grow. When a company is at this stage with a prospect, there is a lot of hope that the deal will close, but there’s also the chance that a competitor could swoop in and steal the sale.

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Product Updates 01/26/16

The following are the most recent product updates from Content Raven :
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How to Make Corporate Training More Effective for Employees

When the average attention span of an adult is about
8.25 seconds, it’s pretty impossible to ensure that all of your efforts to train people - employees, partners or even paying customers - -- will be successful. Developing a perfect training program is difficult, and with busy schedules and a multitude of distractions, training may not always stick. But since you are responsible for training folks, your success is determined by how much your students learn, and how successful that makes your company. 

Too often, the challenge rests with the training materials themselves, which get ignored by trainees. Make your materials more effective by following some of these tips:

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The Need For Dynamic Watermarking In Today’s Hyper Content Creation Environment

Content comes in many formats today, and distribution is as easy as clicking a “share this” button. But content is not always intended for wide distribution. Whether you want to promote your company and know who is getting the word out for you, or protect your files from prying eyes, watermarking is a simple way to do both. There are a couple of options when it comes to watermarking, so how do you decide what type of watermark is best to use when sending a file?