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4 Tips for Successful Employee Offboarding

In a recent blog post for TrainingIndustry.com, we highlight four factors for successful offboarding.

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What is Dynamic Watermarking?

Sharing content is easy. Email and social media have made it simple to download, post and view content regularly. However, not all of the content that is viewed was supposed to be shared.

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The 3 Most Important Search Features for eLearning

Self-paced eLearning has quickly become the preferred training method for corporations because it allows learners to consume content at their own pace and on their own time. Moving from instructor-led training (ILT) to self-paced learning comes with the additional benefits of saving paper and significantly reducing print costs.

However, the shift to digital content brings with it the need for a platform with robust search capabilities. It is estimated that on average workers spend 20% of their day searching for the right content, while those responsible for evaluating new LMS solutions say effective search capability is the most important requirement.  When learners are unable to easily and quickly find the right content, it inhibits their learning, which results in knowledge gaps, wasted time and an overall suboptimal user experience. With so much content and only a limited timeframe for training, being able to quickly find what they are looking for will save corporate training leaders and learners invaluable time and increase productivity. That requires search functionality that is built around efficiency and optimized for learning.

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Enhancing Sales Enablement with The Power of Analytics

Tracking sales proposals is important to understanding prospects and their needs. Being able to track a prospect’s level of engagement on a proposal can help a salesperson prioritize the right prospects and waste less time on unqualified leads.

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Self-Paced Learning Creates Loyal Customers and Yields Financial Gains

In a recent Training Industry blog post - “Self-Paced Learning Creates Loyals Customers and Yields Financial Gains - We look at how one company made a valuable switch to self-paced learning and note three keys to successful subscription-based self-paced learning.  

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Fighting Movie Piracy with Video Watermarking

A study from Columbia University stated that at least 45% of Americans actively pirate movies. As a result, the movie industry has lost a significant amount of revenue and control over its  intellectual property (IP).

When 70% of online users see nothing wrong with online piracy, video-makers and the film and television industries need to take extra steps to protect their content from being illegally downloaded.

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4 Ways to Improve Sales Enablement

Companies with top sales enablement strategies can see a 13.7% increase in deal size. It’s important to support sales and help provide them with the materials they need to close more deals. Follow these tips to improve sales enablement:

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How Corporate Trainers Save Paper & Reduce Print Costs

When the average U.S. office worker prints about 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year, business costs quickly run up. In fact, studies show that wasteful printing can amount to $2,480 per employee each year. In order to save trees and reduce costs, workers and businesses  need to be smarter about their printing practices.

10 Years Later: What L&D Can Learn from Khan Academy

In a recent Training Industry blog post - “10 Years Later: What L&D Can Learn from Khan Academy” - I look back at how I used Khan Academy as a math teacher and highlight five tools and teaching methods that can be repurposed by Corporate Trainers and Learning and Development executives.

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