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Posted by Joe Moriarty on Mar 26, 2013 8:00:00 AM

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content marketingFrom special reports and whitepapers to teleseminars and multi-part e-courses, content marketing has become the favored method of many successful businesses for snagging leads and sliding them successfully down the sales funnel.

Content marketing has become an often-read buzzphrase to those in the know, and with good reasons—it works! Many businesses report significant ROI from their content marketing efforts. And many more are adopting the content marketing standard practice of giving away free whitepapers and reports.

The Importance of Giving Away Digital Content

Most businesses offer some sort of free content on the official company website; smart ones offer multiple pieces of content and/or follow-up content via email. However, many of these businesses don't worry much about pirating and security issues when it comes to these giveaways. 

They want their lead-gen content to get passed around as far and wide as possible. That means that security measures such as content tracking and security are just a waste of money and effort—right?

Not exactly.

Why Security Features are Important for Your Content Analytics

Content control measures are normally used as a security feature to identify leaks and control access to a document. Sophisticated content protection technology can let you revoke access to unauthorized operating systems or devices; it can even help you make sure that content is not opened on certain devices or in certain parts of the world!

But this technology is also very important for your own marketing and lead generation efforts. That's because the right content tracking tool can tell you:

  • Which distribution points (websites, email campaigns, sales reps) are gaining the widest broadcast (you can even track content sent via a specific email sent at a specific time on a specific day to a specific list).
  • What kinds of devices they are reading on
  • Who is opening the document so you can – if you wish - revoke access to anyone you feel that may be unauthorized. You can also simply "turn the content off" if it goes out of date or for some reason becomes a liability.
  • Which pages of your content marketing materials are being read the most, and for how long.

It's this list advantages that can help you put your own marketing campaign into drive.  Quite often, potential customers and clients aren't interested in exactly what we expect them to be. This isn't necessarily the marketing department's fault: sometimes the market just hasn't caught up with your business yet. Once you understand with 100% certainty what your prospects are interested in, all you need to do is give them more! 

The ability to give clients and customers exactly what they want and need is the foundation of any successful business. And it is easily available to you in the form of advanced content tracking.


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